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Top 10 Clothing Brands in Pakistan: Traditional Ones

by Syed Sagheer Abbas Rizvi 12 Jan 2024

in the dynamic realm of Pakistani style, women are constantly seeking garb that blends lifestyle with modern-day fashion. The 12 months 2023 brings forth a myriad of options from Pakistan's top 10 apparel brands in pakistan, each contributing to the country's style tapestry. this article explores the top 10 clothing brands in Pakistan, showcasing their unique offerings, cultural affects, and the effect they've made inside the fashion enterprise.

Clothing and Brands of Pakistan

Apparel is a powerful shape of self-expression, and the choice of a style logo plays a pivotal role in defining one's fashion. Top 10 clothing brands in Pakistan remodel regular apparel into statements of beauty and trendiness. The appeal of those manufacturers lies not only in their fashionable designs but additionally of their capacity to set worldwide clothing tendencies. The higher cost related to those manufacturers is a testament to their innovative thoughts, business fashions, and the large variety of stitched and unstitched garments.

Top 10 Women’s Clothing Brands of Pakistan in 2023

Within the modern landscape of Pakistani fashion, several pinnacle 10 apparel manufacturers in Pakistan  have risen to prominence, presenting various options for girls. the subsequent list, based totally on research, provides the top 10 clothing brands in Pakistan:

  1. Gul Ahmed
  2. Sana Safinaz
  3. Warda
  4. Beechtree
  5. Zellbury
  6. Bareeze Pakistan
  7. Ethnic
  8. Kayseria
  9. Sapphire
  10. Al Karam Studio

1. Gul Ahmed:

Gul Ahmed stands as a fabric powerhouse, established in 1953. renowned for its first rate garden collection, Gul Ahmed gives quite a number fabric, which includes silk, cotton, khaddar, and cambric. Its vertically-integrated operation, from manufacturing to retail, has solidified its position inside the industry.

2. Sana Safinaz:

Sana Safinaz is a leading fashion brand focusing on material and a fusion of cultural and western aesthetics. With a extensive type of collections, inclusive of both summer season and iciness strains, Sana Safinaz has grow to be a household call, with shops imparting equipped-to-wear garb and accessories.

3. Warda:

Warda's collection is characterized by its elegance and affordability. regarded for vibrant hues and radiant contrasting patterns, Warda Saleem's designs beautify the Asian splendor. Warda offers a unique combo of traditional and contemporary styles.

4. Beechtree:

Introduced in 2010, Beechtree caters to younger, inspirational people. imparting a flexible high-road cloth wardrobe, Beechtree's series consists of funky shades and elegant styles, making it a fave some of the younger era.

5. Zellbury:

Zellbury is renowned for notable designs and colorations. The brand makes a speciality of intricate embroidery, showcasing the hard paintings and interest to detail of its artisans. Zellbury's product range spans ethnic put on, western put on, fusion put on, and add-ons.

6. Bareeze Pakistan:

Based by Seema Aziz, Bareeze is synonymous with embroidered suits. offering unstitched designs, Bareeze's dedication to excellence has earned it international popularity, with shops in a couple of countries.

7. Ethnic:

Launched in 2013, Ethnic revolutionized the style market with its style-ahead garb. With a series of 37 stores throughout Pakistan, Ethnic added fusion put on, seamlessly mixing eastern and western cultural elements.

8. Kayseria:

Installed in 1985, Kayseria specializes in embroidered fabric. Its dresses integrate lifestyle and modernity, with a literal use of art and design. Kayseria has fast made its mark within the huge style enterprise of Pakistan.

9. Sapphire:

Founded in 2014, Sapphire is loved for its precise prints and fabrics. The brand's commitment to excellence, in particular in its lawn collection, has made it a household call. Sapphire gives a various series for men, ladies, and youngsters.

10. Al Karam Studio:

Alkaram Textiles, the parent business enterprise of Al Karam Studio, is known for generating garments primarily based in Pakistan. The emblem's creative concept objectives to meet the desires and pursuits of clients, weaving stylish lifestyles thru satisfactory, eclecticism, and innovation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Why are Pakistani clothing brands more expensive?

The better fee of pinnacle 10 clothing brands in pakistan is attributed to their modern ideas, commercial enterprise fashions, and the use of substances. those brands set global tendencies and prioritize best, sturdiness, and price for money.

Q2: Do these brands have international outlets?

Sure, the various indexed brands, including Gul Ahmed, Bareeze, and Sapphire, have global shops, expanding their reach past Pakistan.

Q3: What sets Pakistani clothing brands apart from international ones?

Pakistani apparel brands blend conventional aesthetics with current patterns, imparting a completely unique and culturally rich fashion revel in. Their attention to detail, tricky embroidery, and colourful colorings distinguish them inside the global fashion panorama.


The 10 clothing brands in pakistan for ladies in 2023 show off a great amalgamation of way of life and modernity. From the timeless elegance of Gul Ahmed to the modern styles of Beechtree, every emblem contributes to the vibrant tapestry of Pakistani fashion. As those brands preserve to set developments and redefine style norms, ladies have an array of selections that mirror their person fashion and cultural background.



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